Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cay Archive # 1: The Red Eye, Feb 1998

A couple of months ago I bought a small digital recorder for recording practices. I realised it had a line in function that enabled me to finally get round to doing what I'd been meaning to do for years - transfer a whole bunch of old practice and live tapes onto computer.

Probably fitting that I start with the earliest live recording I have of my old band Cay from 1998. Tape recorder quality and lots of mistakes, but a young(ish) band dipping their toes into playing live and still excited about it all. Some of my favourite Cay moments here.



  1. Good tunes! Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks very much, appreciate you posting these recordings up.

  3. I remember this gig well... we had so much fun at your gigs...
    XX Rufus