Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cay - Archive # 3: Live @ The LA2, Early 2000

This was the last ever Cay performance with Anet, Nick, Tom and me recorded in the LA2 in London. sometime in early 2000, not sure of the exact date. The sound's not great - a bit boomy for my liking.

There are 4 new songs here: 'Trailer Park Blues' and 'Don't Let The Girl Go' were recorded as album 2 demos and then later in the year by Cay (with Chris and Ed replacing me and Tom) with different names. Prototype is a track Tom wrote (mostly) that didn't ever get the studio recording it deserved. The last track is an instrumental I can't remember much about at all. It was a surprise to hear it when I was transferring the tape. I don't even know what it's called.

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  1. This is awesome that you have posted these live performances. I only saw the band live once and that was without you on the drums. I am in two minds whether I want to listen to these songs as I know after this I will never hear a new Cay tune again!