Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Blue Effect




This started life as an experimental composition by John Mackenzie written for guitar and bass.

It's an unusual piece. The score is a maze type affair with directions on what and how to play written in boxes. The performers move through the piece searching for the next box to instruct them what to play. How quickly or slowly this takes is what  gives the piece a loose,  improvisational and unquantifiable air.
I was there when Al and Ben performed it and for the full 35 minutes was much taken by the ebbs and flows of the piece and how powerful and mysterious it was. There are a lot of low frequencies here that made our little evil dead shack shake and rattle while it was being recorded.

I didn't play a direct role in the original recording, but in true Orwellian style I was determined to write myself into history. I've tried to keep to the spirit of the original and to ensure that the sense of a sublime, terrifying beast with a motive and design known only to it, moving furtively in the darkness just beyond your fingertips remains the core feeling experienced by the listener.

(If that all sounds a bit pretentious try this - it's Bohren & Der Club of Gore having sex with David Lynch while Sunn 0))) masturbate in the corner.)

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